Base Aerosol Can

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Base Aerosol Can:

Specialist Paints award winning Coatings are now available in a Aerosol Can. CANZ give high output with excellent Atomization and high transfer efficiency with no pressure drop during application. Using our CANZ can save on time & labour with no paint mixing or Spray gun cleaning. The KUSTOM CANZ range comes in a 400ml Aerosol can.

Base Colours:

There are 9 Base colours:

  • Black Base
  • White Base
  • Silver Base
  • Orange Base
  • Light Green Base
  • Light Purple Base
  • Light Blue Base
  • Pink Base
  • Red Base


Base coatings are easy to apply. Can be used as a base for our custom range or just as they are.

  • Start by prepping your project as you would any other paint job. (Sand, Prime, etc.)
  • Shake Custom Aerosol Can for 5-10 minutes.
  • Apply 2-3 coats of base colour leaving 5-10 minutes between coats. Leave for 30 minutes before applying the effect colour or Lacquer.
  • For best results we suggest to apply our 2K Clear-coat Aerosol KUSTOM CANZ